"GenkideSka" Eponymous Demo (December 1996)
Bonus Track Added (August 1997)

This independent release has four songs (The original 3-song demo now with an additional bonus track-only available through this site) Available for $5.00 postage paid! Whatta Bahgan! This is a high quality studio recording on a CrO2 tape.

"Encircler" is on the "Skanktified!" CD compilation (N*Soul/Eclectica Records), this CD is available in Christian bookstores throughout the USA (you can get a copy through us for $13.00). Other artists on this CD include The Israelites, PAX, Not For The Crowd, Big Dog Small Fence, and The Dingees w/members of the Supertones

"Cosmic Love Song" (a total mod cut) will be released Winter '98 on an upcoming Mod compilation CD scheduled for N*Soul/Eclectica Records