Order A T-Shirt And Get A Tape For Only Two Bucks More! Whatta Bahgan! ($15.00 Total Including Postage!)

We Now Have Copies Of The Skanktified! CD For Only $13.00 Each (Save $3.00 From Retail)

To contact GenkideSka (the guestbook is also checked regularly) or to order our demo (4 songs for $5.00 postage paid) use the information below. We also have t-shirts available for $13.00 postage paid. These are white t-shirts with black trim on the collar and sleeves (they're called "ringer tees") and a large GenkideSka checkerboard logo across the chest, they are the bomb!!. They come in sizes large and extra-large only. Please specify size when ordering. Patches and Stickers are also available! Fully embroidered patches (checkerboard logo, 5" x 1.6") and stickers (same design and size) are also available through this site. Patches are $5.00 (postage paid). Stickers are $.32 (as in send us a stamp) if you order something else we throw a couple stickers in for free.

*PLEASE MAKE CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO: RALPH "BUG" GLASER* Please keep us in your prayers! Skanks a lot!

Genkideska Productions

c/o Ralph "Bug" Glaser
4445 Marcellena Road #10
San Diego, CA 92115
United States