"Strength In Numbers" E-zine Review Of GenkideSka Demo Tape
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Agghhh. More Checkers! Nah, that's cool. If you can't already tell, this is a ska band; but don't classify them with Five Iron Frenzy, Insyderz, or the Supertones! Their style of music is called 2Tone/British Ska. I'm not too familiar with that, so this was a total new experience, and a very happy and fun one too. Oh, their name GenkideSka, is a play off the Japanese phrase "genki desu ka" which means "Are You Happy?". That's rad. Genkideska is out of San Diego, CA, and from what I understand they've been around for a while. I mean, like they're not some band that popped up over night. This 4-song tape has lots of instrumental stuff; which is rad. Some people may see that as a turn-off; but personally if it sounds good, go for it. GenkideSka is going to be on that Skanktified Ska Compilation, I think it is due out in August this year. Back to their music style, it's like normal ska with horns and keys with a touch of electro-dance, maybe? I don't know, it sounds cool though. In case you haven't noticed ska, has exploded on the whole music industry; like 6 months ago if you said the word 'ska' people would look at you funny. Now everyone loves ska, it's like the universal music, really, anyways my point is that GenkideSka will probably get signed to some label pretty soon, so watch for them! What's really cool about this tape, is that they totally glorify Christ. I think this tape is something like 12 minutes long, so it's a good sample of their true sound. Speaking of sound, this album has a very good production and definitely was done professional. Pick it up if you get a chance. Hurry up. I'm sure that it's selling good! -XbrandonX